Split Chillers

5 Categories of Air Cooled Split Chiller Systems
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1.5Ton – 5Ton
Single Circuit
3Ton – 10Ton
Single Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
10Ton – 20Ton
Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
25Ton – 50Ton
Single/Dual Circuit
208-230/3 – 460/3
60Ton – 200Ton
Modular Splits
208-230/3 – 460/3

Whaley Split chiller systems are used in applications where the water pump tank and evaporator are installed indoors near the process on its own dedicated skid. The air cooled condensing unit includes the compressor, condenser, and fans and is installed outside on the roof or on a slab beside the building.

WPI offers high efficient 410A systems,  SAR1.5-10S (1.5-10ton single circuit) and SAR10-100D (10-100ton dual circuits) are available.


split chiller system is a complete chiller system in two parts: an outdoor condensing unit and indoor heat transfer pump tank skid.  The outdoor part consists of the condensing unit and refrigerant lines plumbed to the evaporator on the indoor skid.  The indoor heat transfer pump tank skid consists of a reservoir, circulation pump, supply pump, control panel and evaporator.

Having an outdoor condenser allows the heat and any fan noise to remain outside, while consistent indoor temperatures keep the reservoir more stable than outside temperatures which vary greatly over time.